Saturday, April 9, 2016

Demo movies

Central Rikuzentakata

Here you can see what happened at many designated evacuation shelters, including the Rikuzentakata Civic Gymnasium. You can also see that people who went to their homes in the tsunami flood zones lost their lives. [View Map]

Unosumaicho, Kamaishi

You can see people gathering at the Unosumaicho Disaster Prevention Center from all directions. Although this was not a tsunami evacuation shelter, it was used for emergency drills. Many people gathered here with about 200 losing their lives. [View Map]


A massive number of casualties occurred at the central section of land formed of sediment between the Otsuchi River (right) and Kozuchi River, which both empty into the ocean. Those moving quickly were likely traveling by car. People who didn’t move likely stayed at home. [View Map]

Taro, Miyako

This is what it looked like in central Miyako and the Taro area. The Taro area has a large tide embankment, and you can see that many people who lived inside this area did not evacuate. [View Map]